Six Students Killed 8 Injured in Balcony Collapse in Berkeley

Six Students Killed 8 Injured in Balcony Collapse in Berkeley

Balcony Water Damage from TCS on Vimeo.

An apartment balcony collapsed during a birthday party attended by Irish students in Berkeley early Tuesday, killing six of the 13 people who fell from the fourth-floor structure, stated CNN.

TCS had a related case where a balcony rotted away due to poor construction, un-swept up nails that were continued to be built upon, and improperly layered materials. All these mistakes eventually caused rain water to flow inwards towards the door rather than flow off the balcony. The owner had to rebuild because of these combined construction errors. There were no injuries thankfully in this case of balcony rot from improper construction.

For this trial, our amazing animation team designed a complex animation of the entire apartment complex as well as a short video of how the balcony was constructed, the nails that were left behind, and demonstrating how the rainwater should have flowed off the balcony rather than sit on the balcony. The animation goes further to show actual images of the damage from the rot and the nails which became rusted between the layers of material.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animation is potentially worth much more. When used sparingly, getting an animation before the jury at trial can add a sense of reality, clarity, and drama to the evidence. They may even help jurors understand the issues more clearly than any words you can speak.

If you are seeking assistance with the development of an animation, feel free to view TCS’s Animation Gallery and/or contact us for quotes.

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