Attorneys Found Guilty in Bar Trial

Attorneys Found Guilty in Bar Trial


Florida Bar hearing

The Judge who acted as referee during the recent trial for the three attorneys accused of ethical violations released his ruling today.

Attorneys Steven Diaco, Robert Adams and Adam Filthault, according to the ruling acted unethically when they orchestrated a DUI arrest of the lead plaintiff attorney.  Following the arrest, the attorneys allegedly covered up the evidence of the conspiracy by deleting text messages, making their cell phones unavailable, and lied to the trial judge during a hearing following the arrest.

The final ruling found that Filthault, Adams and Diaco set out "to cover up or otherwise destroy evidence of those actions were intended to disrupt, unfairly influence and/or otherwise prejudice the tribunal, the administration of justice..."

The hearing, by agreement of the parties was bifurcated.  The hearing in May was solely intended to determine if the Respondents had acted in a manner that violated the Standards of Conduct and Rules of Professional Conduct.  The presentation of evidence concerning penalties has been deferred to a later time.

[See Full Ruling]

The Florida Bar Association retained TCS for visual strategy and trial presentation for the Shock Jock DUI Setup case. John Dackson, Senior Trial Presentation, Consultant with TCS assisted the Bar with the presentation of evidence in these proceedings.

Mr. Dackson has vast experience in trial, and has worked on many complex and high profile cases such as the IN RE: MCI WorldCom trial in the Southern District of New York, Plancher v. UCF and assisted with the PODS v. U-Haul trial in Federal Court in Tampa.

TCS was originally retained to work for Todd Schnitt’s legal team in the trial against Bubba the Love Sponge back in 2013. TCS personnel who were in the courtroom that morning described it as a surreal moment, no one could grasp the totality of what had happened.

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