Monthly Archives: October 2016

Jurors’ Attitudes and Motivations in Decision Making

I caught a little more of the show Bull last night which hit a new height of exaggeration but there was a few parts that I saw that I think are a take away for trial lawyers. In this episode, the scene was a witness testifying and the camera focuses on the jurors. One juror…
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New TV Series the Bull

I finally caught part of an episode of the new series the Bull last night. I found it to be interesting but very over the top. In last night’s episode they had a shadow jury that was recruited that matched exact demographics and attitudes of the real jurors. Highly unlikely to get as close as they did in…
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Tailgate with TCS


TCS along with Copy-N-Law, Inc. and Serqet Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC invites you to Tailgate with TCS.
We will be having games, TV’s with free food and drinks at Raymond James Stadium lot 7.

Please leave us a comment at or email to if you are planning on attending and there is no cost.

We will begin at 4:00 pm and go until at least half time or maybe later.